As a user you can be given rights to manage site content, or you may register as a store customer, so your shipping details are stored.  The features you have access to allow you to use the functions of the system, having the special Administrator roles gives you access to everything.

When you first visit your web site, you will not be logged in, and may not have a username at all.  You can visit the login page by clicking "Login" which is shown at the bottom left of pages, or by visiting "".

From the login page, you can:

  • Login, if you have a username and password.
  • Register, to create a user record for yourself.
  • Forgotten Password, to recover your password if you have forgotten it.


Login tells the website who you are, and gives you access to roles.

You need to provide your username and password, and you can also tick "Remember Me".  Remember Me stores your username for later, not your password, to stop anyone gaining access to your account.


Forgotten Password

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