The backdrop block is able to place and cycle images on the background of any other item on the page.  This allows any content to becone a sliding banner background.

It is a non-visual block, meaning it is only visible itself when you are editing the site.  A selector provided in the settings allows you to have it place its images onto the background of any other HTML element.



A list of images that are selected from the media gallery.  These images will be cycled in the background according to rules defined by other settings.


An HTML/CSS selector to place this image onto.  Use BODY to cycle an image in the background of the whole page.  This selector can target any item on the page.


The amount of time in seconds to wait before cycling to the next image.

Transition IN and Transition OUT


The effect to use when moving images in or out.  You can select from Fade In, Slide Left or Slide Right.


The amount of time in milliseconds that the transition in or out takes.


The easing to use.  Easings effect how fast or slow the images move over the duration of the transition.