The Title block places a simple heading on the page.  It is not a what you see is what you get editor, but does let you select the heading level.



The title to use. 

You can also include special tag in the tile, $p.  This will be substituted with the current page name.

Header Level

The level heading to use between 1 and 6.


A regular expression used to get the value of $p from the page title.  This allows you to include your site name in the page names, but ignore it for the text block.  The first matched group in the regular expression is the one that us used to replace $p.

If your page name is "My Site - Home", the default expression will result in $p being replaced with "Home".

The default expression is "(?:.*?-\s){0,1}(.*)$" which matches everything after "- " in the page title.