Draft and Final Pages

Pages are either "PUBLISHED" or "DRAFT".  Making a draft of a published page leaves the published page available on your website, but creates a copy you can edit, a Draft.

A page is in draft when you can see the these buttons on the toolbar:


  • "Tick" to save your changes and publish the page.
  • "Cross" to discard your changes and revert to the published page.

On a New Page

When a page is first created it will be in DRAFT.  This means it wont be available to people browsing your site, only to you as Content Manager.

If you click the "Cross" on a new page that is in draft, the page will be removed from the site.  This is because there was no published version.

Dont forget to "Click the Tick" to publish your page.

On Existing Pages

On a page that you have published, you can edit the content directly, and it will be available when the currently cached version of your page expires, which can be up to 30 minutes.

To create a DRAFT, click the draft button on the toolbar:

Make Draft button