Form Template

The form template, which you can get to by selecting "Form Template" from the form settings panel, allows you to edit the HTML of the form.

Some techincal knowledge is needed, but using the template editor you can present the fields on your form in any layout you want.

Not that every field in your form should appear in the HTML as an input field, select or text area, and the name of the field must match.

Edit a Template

To edit a template, you must know HTML or RAZOR syntax.  The form as the fields would have been rendered by the form engine is shown when you first click "Form Template" and you can then make changes.

You can click the fields on the right to insert code for editing a field at the current cursor location in the editor, or you can create the fields by hand using HTML.  In this case the code for a name field might be "<input name='name' />".

Edit Form Template

When you have finished entering the form HTML code, "Save" the form or go "Back" to discard your changes.

Make sure to test the form once you have finished editing its HTML.


You can also edit the form in "What you see is what you get" mode using the inbuilt HTML editor.  "Switch to WYSIWYG Template" to use that editor instead.

Drop Template

If you want to throw away your template, and have the template engine render the form for you again, "Drop Template" will throw away you changes.