Media such as images and documents to be downloaded, can be uploaded from any page by clicking the media button.

Media Button

Finding Your Way

Below is the media gallery for this help page, you can see many of the images that are used.

Media Gallery

To the left, select the folders that your media is arranged in, they can be a number of folders to organise your content.

Create a Folder

To create a new folder, select the parent folder to the left and click the create button.

You will be prompted for a folder name, and the folder will be created for you.


You can rename files and folders by clicking the "wrench" icon.  For a folder you may:

  • Change the folder name.
  • Descrie the folder.
  • Control Downloads - this stops people on the internet from anonymously downloading files in the folder, you must then use a download link block on your page.
  • Count Downloads - this causes a count to be kept for each files, telling you how many times it has been downloaded.

Media Rename

Rename a File

When you rename a file, you can provide a caption rather than a description.  The caption is shown as the "ALT" text for images and on the bottom of any lightbox that shows the image.


You can upload files by clicking the "Browse" button or dropping files into the dotted line.


There are two delete buttons:

  • The red delete button removes the current category and all files contained within it.
  • The black delete buttons on the files removes the file only.