Your site can have any number of menus, and each menu can be presented on one or more pages.

To present a menu on a page, you define a menu structure (which we will do here) and later use a piece of content (called a block) to present your menu on one of your pages.

Click the menu icon on the toolbar to edit your menus:

Menu Icon

Create a Menu

When you first begin, you wont have any menus.  Cick in the field "Enter Menu Name", then enter a menu name.  It can be any word, "main" is a good name for your first menu, then click "Create".

Manage Menus

Adding Items

Once you have created the menu, or when coming back to edit it, just select it from the Menus list.

Each menu can contain a number of items, and number of sub-items to any depth.  You can have menus and submenus.

Create the first menu item by clicking "Enter Menu Text", entering menu text and clicking Create. You can then edit menu item details:

  • Text - The text to show for the menu item where it appears on your site.
  • Link - Untick the checkbox to show just text, to link to a page tick it and enter the page name starting with a forward slash, some examples "home", "about", "blog", "contact/company".
  • Alternate - Text to show when your viewers hover over the menu item.
  • Image - An image from the media gallery that you want to use on the menu link.

When you enter menu text, you can include a link by using specific formatting such as "Contact Us;/contact-us".  This shorthand will create a menu item with text "Contact Us" and set its link to "/contact-us".

Add Menu Item

Editing Menu Items

Once you have created menu items, you will see the menu heirarchy as in the following panel:

Edit Menu Item

You can see the "About" menu is a submenu".

To edit a menu item, just click it and the editor panel will appear to the right.  You can then set the properties of the menu item and save them, or remove the item altogether.

Adding Submenu Items

To create a submenu item, place the cursor into the "Enter Menu Itext" in the box next to your about menu item, and you will begin filling in items in the "About" submenu.

Deleting Menu Items and Menus

To delete an item, or a menu, click it and select "Remove" in the editor dialog that appears to the right.

Dragging and Dropping

You can drag and drop menu items to reorder them, or place them into menus and submenus.  Drag the item with the mouse and drop it where you want to place it.  A highlight will show where it will be placed.

Also, the panels to the top contain links you can drag straight into your menu, including pages that already have been created on your site, but are not linked.  Just drag them from the panel and drop them where you want them.\