Frequently Asked Questions



If you have a style selector that won't override a style from CubeBuild's own style library, you could use !important.

You are better off making your CSS selector more specific, by adding classes/ids to it to make it more specific than the system selectors.

Using !important will override our CSS, but if you do it too often, it will become harder to manage.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Analytics?

When you register your site with Google Analytics, you will receive an analytics property ID.  To add tracking for your website, just visit Settings by opening up the editor toolbar, hovering over the "COG" on the right hand side, and selecting Settings.

Now select Site Settings and enter the Web Property Host and ID.  From then on, every page visit will be sent to Google Analytics.

Do Not Track

If you want to understand your Google Analytics data, and exclude yourself and members of your team from the statistics uploaded to Google Analytics, add each team member to the "Do Not Track" Role.

This will exclude their page visits and edits from Google Analytics Data.