Online and In-Store Sales

CubeBuild's retail extensions allow you to sell products in your store, or online with a shopping cart.  To get started consider the following, or dive into our store topics.

Starting a Store

When beginning a new store there are many things to consider, and get bogged down by.  If you are just starting out, consider these things first, they will help you to clarify your business processes.  Not comfortable making these decisions, contact us first.

Tax Handling

If you sell to consumers, you probably want to use tax inclusive pricing. This is where your product price is the price people pay, and already includes the sales tax component.

However, business customers often dont consider the sales tax component because it is deductable.  If you sell to business customers you probably want tax exclusive pricing.  Visit Tax Handling to set that up before you make any sales.

Where do you sell?

You should consider the hardware and systems you need, our software is hosted in the cloud for you, so you dont need a server.

Physical Store

If you are selling from a physical store, you will need to consider and perhaps purchase:

  1. A mobile or wired internet connection.  The type of connection you use is up to you, but it should be stable and consistently available.
  2. A UPS is a good idea for your in-store hardware and network connection.  This will keep you selling during short power interruptions.
  3. A cash drawer, and automated cash drawer is best, especially if you use a receipt printer.  If you dont get a receipt printer, make sure the cash drawer has a USB connection.
  4. A receipt printer or a normal printer.  A dedicated receipt printer will provide the experience shoppers expect, and operates significantly faster than a regular printer.
  5. A sales console, can run in any web browser on any device, either use a standard laptop or a specialized POS device.
  6. A barcode scanner, if you are using barcodes.  A good quality accurate barcode scanner that handles the lighting conditions where you usually sell is an important consideration.

Online Store

If you are selling online you will need to consider:

  1. Which payment gateway you will use, for example PayPal, the MasterCard Internet Gateway or some other payment gateway.
  2. A merchant account with your bank.
  3. What is the price of shipping, and who will you use to ship your products.
  4. How will you present your products? Your photographs should hand consistent lighting and the same aspect ratio every time.

Now you are ready....

Once you are ready to begin setting up your store, you can get moving by:

  1. Defining the Products you are selling
  2. Organise arrangements with the Suppliers of your products
  3. Represent your physical store or warehouse using Bins and Bays
  4. Stock up your store by Ordering Stock
  5. Set up your Point of Sale hardware and software
  6. Begin Selling
  7. Stocktake periodically, to record any stock loss

Table of Contents

Home The place to start to find the assistance you need.
FAQ Frequently asked questions, with links easy links to the answers you need.
Designer Find out how to change the look and feel of your site or store.  Make it look exactly the way you want it.
Products All about creating products that you will be selling in your store.
Customers Find out how to manage information about your customers, allow them to purchase on account (lay-by) and handle credit balances (money you are holding for them).
Suppliers Learn about managing your suppliers, including ordering stock and recording stock costs from them.
Logistics Have your store calculate freight for you, either in an online cart or in your physical store.  Learn how to manage shipping status and handle freight contractors.
Sales Sell products in your store or online, handle your cash drawer and start of day processes, and run a stocktake.
Reporting Dont just run your business, understand it.  Find out which products sell the most often, make the most profit, or perform most poorly.  Ask and answer questions like, does the location of this product in the store make a difference to its sales?
Administration There are a lot of ways you can customise our software for your store situation, learn how here.